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    navigateToURL to show in window

      I am using an HTML editor inside a Flex application, but the problem is as simple as showing HTML in a popup window .

      Currently I am using the form :
      viewURL = editorURL + "/editor.php?"
      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(viewURL),"_self");
      This works OK, but when I close the window I have to use
      input type=button value="Close" onClick="history.go(-1)
      with the result that I am returned to the application at the starting point (just like using the back button) , and lost the current navigational position.

      The other option works somewhat better, here I use
      viewURL = editorURL + "/editor.php?"
      navigateToURL(new URLRequest(viewURL),"_new");
      The html page pops up in a new browser, and I can close the browser without loosing my
      navigation place in the application.

      What I would really like to do is opening a window, not a browser and then exit by closing the window.
      Any good suggestions on this navigation challange?