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    CS4 and CS5 installation files

    DavideBarranca Level 1


      I've written an extension in two versions - one for PS CS4 (packed with Extension Manager CS4), one for PS CS5 (packed with Extension Manager CS5).


      The CS5 .zxp file correctly opens EM CS5, that installs it in PS CS5. Fine.


      In a computer where both Creative Suites are installed, I've found that the CS4 .mxp installer is by default opened by EM CS5, which puts it in PS CS5 even if the CS4 extension won't work  - this is probably "normal", but I already foresee users complain that... "it's broken/it's not there/I don't know".


      One solution is to distribute the installers with big warnings; nevertheless, is there a way to make a CS4 installer (mxp file) that will be, by default, opened by CS4 version of Extension Manager and not CS5?

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          In my opinion, there is no final solution. For one filename extension (*.mxp in this issue), OS can has a and only a DEFAULT handler program associated with it. If specified, OS will launch this program to open the file double-clicked.

          However, a filename extension can be associated with multiple programs. These programs will be listed after "Open with" in context menu when a file is right clicked. So the alternative is to write a reg file and import it into windows registry (if you use windows) to associate both EM CS4 and EM CS5 with .mxp. As a result, you can choose to open .mxp installer with EM CS4 or EM CS5 when you right click .mxp file.