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    QTP Testing bug


      We are currently trying to test a flex application which does not reside on the same subdomain as the parent page.  For example, we have a JSP which resides on app.domain.com.  The flex swf files resides on www.domain.com.  The JSP loads the file and everything works just fine.


      However, when we go to test the flex appplication using QTP 9.5 and 11 using the Flex 4 plugin, we are unable to inspect or record anything within the application.



      • if we create a new JSP on www.domain.com, we are able to test it just fine
      • we have been able to test the application in its current state just fine using other tools like FlexMonkey, SilkTest, and RIATest.



      Has anyone run into this issue before?  We obviously would prefer to keep our current configuration and not use multiple testing tools.