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    generating and displaying dynamic tables




      I have a adobe AIR application. In the app, I need to be able to create dynamic tables where I can display images and text. Dynamic in the sense that data in the table can be added, removed, modified, and table that is displayed changes to reflect the modifications. For example, the table contains 3 rows and columns, where there is an image titled "remove" in the first column and text everywhere else. The table that is initially displayed shows 3 rows and 3 columns. The user clicks "remove" image, the corresponding row is removed from the table. Next, the table that is displayed is "refreshed" to show 2 rows. In other words, I need to be able to bind data to a table and then be able to add rows when new data is more available, modify existing rows, or remove rows when data is removed.


      I know there is a datagrid component. Can I somehow use that? The user shouldn't be able to resize the column/row widths, drag objects to and from the data grid, or anything like that.


      What component do I need to use and how would I use it to accomplish the functionality that I described?


      Thank you for your help.