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    Can anyone help me with my menu?


      Dear friends,


      I'm new to Flash and I bought a template which I could pretty much modify to what I want.

      The only problem that I'm having is with my menu (please see 2 images attached).

      In Flash I see "about us" 5 times, but in Flash movie and my website you can see the categories,

      services, clients, project and contact.

      I would like to change those categories but I can't find those words in Flash.

      If been trying fo days to solve this but I ran out of ideas.

      Please can someone point me in the right direction?


      Thanks in advance and kind regards,




      flash movie.PNG




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The button labels are being assigned dynamically, somehow.  One place to look is in the actionscript code, which can be in a variety of places depending on which version of actionscript your file uses.  Another place to look would be in any data file that might have accompanied your template, such as an xml file.  Another place to look is inside the buttons themselves.  Occasionally designers will create the buttons with an internal movieclip that is told to go to a particular frame that has the desired label.


          What you might try is to go to Window -> Movie Explorer, and see if you can find code that assigns those values to the textfield.

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            Chris McLaughlin Level 1

            Hi Wilfred,


            I've worked with these templates, and the button names are usually stored in a movieclip many layers down.  You can get to it initially simply by clicking on the menu and then clicking again and again until you find the movie clip holding the names.  It will usually be a single layer with 5 or 6 keyframes.  Each keyfram holds the button title that is used.


            Best regards,



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              wFREDw Level 1

              Many thanks Chris, you're the best!

              It worked





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                wFREDw Level 1

                Also many thanks Ned!

                I got it solved, I'm a happy man now!