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    Different font sizes in the same dynamic text box?




      I have a dynamic text box with a paragraph of information. I would like to make certain key words a larger font size for emphasis. An example would look like this:



      The ever-changing landscape of the business world demands knowledgeable and skilled managers. We have been educating students about management best practices for more than a century to help them succeed in the corporate world. Whether you are looking for an online business degree to get your career started in sales, human resources, accounting, or some other area of the business world, we have the online business degree you need.



      Is it possible to change the font size for just some of the text inside a dynamic text box to be changed like this? I cannot get it to work properly. The reason I have it as dynamic is because it needs a scrollbar.


      Thank you in advance for your help. I appreciate any insight as I am not able to get it working on my own!