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    Memory Issue


      I have 12 GB RAM installed; Why does it say 8 GB usable?  It doesn't matter if I have PE open or not.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What OS version are you using?


          When you installed the RAM, did you also use Setup to get it all registered by the BIOS?


          Good luck,



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            Elwoodbluesman Level 1

            Bill,  thanks for the post.  I had the computer custom built for video editing, so I didn't run any kind of setup.  How would I go about doing that?  In the BIOS menu?


            Win 7 64-bit i7 980X CPU 6 core 12 thread @ 3.33GHZ 12GB RAM 5850 ATI Radeon GPU

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              John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              During startup, what does the Bios say about your installed ram?


              When you go into the Bios setup screens, does it say you have 12Gig?

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                nealeh Level 5

                Where are you seeing the message "8 GB Usable"?


                After Windows has loaded Press [Windows Key] + [Break]. What do you see under installed memory?



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                  Elwoodbluesman Level 1

                  Yes neal, it looks just like that,except to the right of that it says  (8GB usable)


                  Thanks, Elwood

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                    nealeh Level 5

                    Then you need to follow the earlier advice about checking your BIOS configuration - Windows is definitely not recognising your full memory. Or better yet, as it was custom built, get your supplier to put it right.



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                      Check to make sure that your motherboard will actually address 12 GB.  There are motherboards available that will but they are the very top end of the range.  If a motherboard manufacturer did not run the address lines to the CPU, you motherboard will not be able to see all the memory.  Just because you can install the chips does not assure you that the motherboard can address that much memory.  Check your motherboard manual to see.


                      You could have a bad memory stick as well.  Turn on the BIOS memory test at boot up.  If it passes and you still can't see all the memory, remove it all.  Put in one pair, boot up, check the available memory.  Repeat for all available pairs.  If you have a bad memory stick, this procedure will identify it soon enough.

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                        Not sure if this is the same issue, but I had a similar issue and it was because I had a Creative soun

                        d card. I did a bunch of research and found that their drivers at the time for Win7 64bit were not so great.

                        I bought a new sound card not based on the Creative chipset and Wa La I had all 8GB of my memory instead of 4GB.


                        If you have a Creative sound card take it out and reboot. See if that gives you your memory back.


                        I hope this helps,


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                          Elwoodbluesman Level 1

                          Thanks for the posts.  It turns out some of the memory sticks weren't seated properly. When the sticks are placed in the slots they need to be pushed down on both ends, so that the tabs on both ends pop up.  I thought that because I could close the end clips, the sticks were in right.



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                            bcovideo Level 1

                            There you go!