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    Shadows slider in Elements 7 ACR 5.6



      I started shooting in jpeg + raw with my Nikon D90.  I’m trying to learn how to make my images as accurate as possible.  I bought a book about using camera raw that seemed to be aimed at the version of Photoshop Elements I use, Version 7.  However, in addition to dealing with acr in Photoshop Elements 7, it also deals with similar versions of both Photoshop and Lightroom.




      I’m trying to optimize an action shot of a fourth grade football team, taken between 12pm-1pm with daylight saving time, so the lighting would be 11am-12pm standard time.  I figured this would be a good image to play with because the white balance would be fairly easy to set.




      One team had white pants, white helmets, and deep red jerseys while the other team had white pants, white helmets, and white jerseys.  Because it was basically bright noonday sun, it is a high contrast scene, with both shadows and highlights clipped.  I realize the image is beyond the dynamic range of the camera senor, but I want to get it as close as possible.  I’ll probably have to let a few highlights go, in addition to specular highlights that occur on the helmets and white uniforms.






      In a section of the book dealing with shadow and highlight clipping, there is a reference to a “shadows” slider.  However, my acr, version 5.6, has no shadow slider.  Which slider in my acr interface is the equivalent slider?  As far as I can tell, the book makes no mention of either the recovery or fill light sliders that are on my acr interface, except to show them within a figure. 




      I want to use the “alt key” option to view the clipped shadow and highlights to help optimize the exposure and other things.




      Your assistance is very much appreciated.