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    Saving book to XML when files contain SVG references

    chuckvorndran Level 1

      Saving book containing files with SVG graphic references to XML causes FrameMaker application error and resulting error.txt file.


      This was seen in xdocbook by doing the following:
      1. Create a xdocbook file with Chapter as the top level element.
      2. Add a Para element to describe the chapter.
      3. Add a Figure element and add text to the figure Title element
      4. Add a Graphic element child of Figure.  Select an SVG file to insert by reference.
      5. Set the structured application to xdocbook and Save the Chapter.
      Optionally, create one or two more chapters to replicate a book but if you add graphics, don't reference any other svg files.  Use .tif or .jpg or .wmf instead.
      6. Go back to the first file created, with the SVG reference.  Save this file as XML.  The process should complete without error.
      7. Create a book and add the newly created chapters in it, in any order.  Be sure to include the chapter with the SVG file reference.
      8. Set the structured application for the book to xdocbook and save the book file. 
      9. Now save the book as XML.  This should cause an error.txt file to be created in your profile area.  Examine the XML file that corresponds to the Chapter with the SVG.  It is only partially created.  Examine the book.xml file.  It will probably be empty.
      10.  Reopen FrameMaker 9.0 and open the book.  Remove the chapter containing the SVG reference.  Save the book as XML.  This time it should be successful and not crash Framemaker.

      In our books, we use a very similar Figure/Graphic element hierarchy and this bug is critical.  The process seemed to work fine in FM 7.2 but fails in FM9.0.  I have no clue as to why it fails with references to SVG.  I might be able to understand if the SVGs were embedded, but referenced?


      Has anyone else seen this problem and is there a workaround available that doesn't call for converting all my SVG files to WMF's?