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    SSD vs Mech HDD for AE CS4 Source Files?

    canoli99 Level 1

      When starting a new AE project, should I copy all the assets, the source files to my SSD?

      Will AE work faster that way or should I just leave them on the mechanical drive?


      I'm running a Win7 64-bit system with 12G of RAM, a 6-core processor (core i7 980X) and an SSD, plus a couple internal 7200K mechanical drives and some USB drives.


      Currently on the SSD I have the OS and my apps and I've still got nearly 80G of free space. I'd like CS4 to exploit that space if  possible.


      I have the same basic question regarding the other apps in the CS4 Production Premium Suite, if you'd care to comment on them as well. If not no problem, I understand this is the AE forum.


      Thanks for any thoughts you can share - I appreciate it!