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    assessment vs traing modes & hint box

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      Cp5 Win 2 questions...


      1. While in Auto recording, what's the difference between assessment mode recording and training mode recording? Is it just that Assess only has 'failure' ticked as default, where Training has 'failure' 'success' and 'hint' ticked?


      Any other significant differences?


      2. Why does the 'hint' text only pop up after a user has rolled over the target? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a 'hint'? Should it be...the user clicks in the wrong area and gets a polite suggestion for where to click. I guess that's the failure box? Sooooo what good is the hint box? I can just roll around my screen until I hit the right area? Hmm...:)


      Thanks for straightening me out!



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          Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional



          Will try to tell you how I'm using both training and assessment captures. In the default settings indeed the only difference is that the Hint caption is missing for click boxes as well as for Text Entry boxes. But you can change those settings in the Preferences, Recording, Modes. When I'm using the assessment for real tests (I'm a teacher) I will even delete the Failure caption before capturing. And then I check the points attributed to each action and will edit them (Properties, Reporting). By default each click box will get 1 point, TEB's ditto but I will decide myself the number of point, and sometimes (when repetitive actions) not include some points in the resulting Total score. And then of course I will limit the number of attempts. Mostly I will add a number of Question slides, and the resulting total score will then be the sum of the scores for the actions and those for the Question slides.


          Points are also attributed by CP for training simulations, but there I will rarely do a reporting, and probably give the student more attempts; training simulations will typically have more instructions, not only the Hints that are added while reporting. If you want something to be visible for the student all the time, add a Text Caption. Mostly I do use the Hint to 'remember' something that was already told. Students will quickly be aware that they have to roll a little bit to have those hints visible, or you can instruct them to do so (by Instruction slides and/or audio).


          The difference (default) between capturing in demonstration mode and the two other modes is greater than the difference between Training and Assessment. But you can tweak everything. I use demonstration mode very seldom (too boring I was told by the students), but capture often both in Training and Assessment mode. It is not only a timesaver to do both at once but you'll also end up with exactly the same recording for both (I mean backgrounds, typing...).


          Hope this makes sense



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            Rezu Level 1

            Thanks Lilybiri,


            One more Q...I noticed if the area to be clicked/correct answer is a clickable text link (as most are) when Cp5 pauses to wait for the user to click, it underlines the link to be clicked/correct answer. This is a dead give away to where the user should click, yea? Is there any way make Cp5 not underline the answer?


            Thanks for any help!


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              Lilybiri MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Kave,


              Now I'm puzzled. Are you talking about Assessment or Training? I do not see this underlining phenomenon nor in Training nor in Assessment simulation, just checked capturing a couple of different apps. What type of app are you capturing? Did you change the default recording setup?



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                Hi Lilybiri,


                Thanks for your help.


                This is in Assessment mode. No I didn't change from default. The rec. is within a SharePoint site. It's as though Cp5 took away the mouse, but didn't take away the mouseover underlined hyperlink. I haven't tried elsewhere...maybe it's unique to SharePoint. I'll try some other apps...


                Anyone else have problems with this?