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    Changing the email that authorizes the computer


      I downloaded Digital Editions with on Adobe Id (let's say anthony@hotmail.com)

      So no, when I go to Library - Authorize computer it says "This computer is authorized for anthony@hotmail.com" and just the Finalize button.

      The thing is that I bought a book in an online store with a different email address (let's say paul@hotmail.com).

      And this seems to be giving problems when I try to tranfer this book from the computer to the ebook (reader).

      Is there anyway I change the email that currently authorizes the computer (anthony@hotmail.com) by the other mail (paul@hotmail.com)?


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          I bet you aren't the only one having this problem.    Me too.   I'll post up a reply when I can figure it out.   Adobe web support is lame as can be.....so far they are useless.



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            krellboy Level 1

            Hmmm.....your problem is different than mine.  I was not able to get my computer to give me that correct email address that I originally used to authorize ADE....it was showing me my other email address used for my laptop.  I was able with Adobe's help to get that re-set to the original address used so I could hook up my Nook and get them going together.


            Your issue seems different and with all the DRM issues involved with these readers, what we want to do may not be something that is able to be done.  You may want to create another Adobe account using paul@hotmail and see if the book will show up in ADE and then transfer.  I'm thinking the device will know what email you used so it's a wildcard in my mind.  I don't think the same device can share two Adobe IDs.


            If your computer needs to be authorized with it's original set of email address and password but you can't do this then I can give you the instructions from Adobe to re-set this......


            You may want to create a web support case as Adobe did seem willing to persist with my continued questions until it was resolved.  It took over a week for this to happen so patience is the watchword.


            Good luck




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              I need to change my ADE authorization email to the same one that is on my Nook in order to authorize my Nook.  You indicated you had directions for doing this.  I would appreciate seeing those. Thanks

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                krellboy Level 1

                Keep in mind that I am not an ADE expert but I'll give you the info that Adobe passed on to me for my situation.


                My situation was that when ADE opened it would not show the email address that I had originally registered with Adobe and the one that was associated with my Nook (and any other DRM content managed by Adobe).  I don't know how the address became corrupt but it did.  So my issue was to get the email address on ADE to match up to Adobe's records and be the same as that on my Nook.


                So depending on how you installed and set-up ADE your situation may be different especially if you are using another reader device with your computer.


                Anyway here are the details of what Adobe passed on to me.....I think this would amount to what someone would call a "clean" re-install of ADE.  If you only un-install ADE and re-install it some files remain on the computer that make re-authorizing your computer potentially problematic.


                1. Open ADE....press Ctrl+Shift+D and deauthorize ADE

                2. Uninstall ADE

                3. Delete these registry files....start>run then type "regedit" and locate and delete the folders  "HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Adobe>Digital Editions"  and "HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Adobe>Adept

                4. Now re-install ADE and when asked to authorize use your Nook email address (this should be the same as your Adobe ID, if it is not this whole process probably won't work and you'll need to do something different) and the Adobe password that you had created with ADE

                5. Connect your Nook and when asked to authorize use Adobe ID and password


                If you ADE account (email address) you had created originally was not the same as your Nook email address and all you need to do is to get the Nook to talk to your computer and have no other digital content on your computer you may find it easier just to have B&N change your Nook address to the same one as Adobe's.


                Hope this helps.




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                  Woodworker*38 Level 1

                  Your directions worked perfectly.  I was able to follow them easily and the Nook is now authorized. 

                  However, still not up and working. I was able to download a library book to my computer. Then used the drag and drop in ADE to put it on the Nook.  When I disconnected the Nook (using the proper Eject procedure) the book is there.  When I try to open it I get "Sorry, unable to open this document."

                  I tried the procedure I found in the forum for deleting the Nook authorization and then re-authorizing.  Unfortunately, although that seemed to work for some others it did not work for me and I still cannot open the book.

                  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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                    krellboy Level 1

                    I have gotten that message before also.  I don't think I was able to load the book to my Nook.  I think it may have something to do with the email address you use when connecting to your library maybe being different than the Nook. I am still trying to figure out all the restrictions that are inherent with the use of these devices and that in and of itself is a real challenge as there doesn't seem to be an authoritative place to find this.


                    The one thing to check would be to see if ADE can open up the book to read on your computer.  If not it probably has to do with the email addresses being in conflict.


                    You may need to contact B&N or Adobe web support to find out more info.




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                      Woodworker*38 Level 1

                      Thanks for the reply.  The book does open on the computer so it seems to be downloaded there correctly.


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                        krellboy Level 1

                        Open up ADE and click on the carat next to library, then click on authorize computer...this will tell you if you are authorized to the account you want.  Once again this will need to be the same as your Nook and B&N account.  Also, I think the book will show up along the left side under "borrowed".


                        Don't know what to tell you next.....maybe someone else will pick up the ball from here.


                        Why can't Adobe and the publishers make this more difficult....they take all the fun out of life...lol




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                          This seems like it may solve my problem, too -- I installed ADE using my email address while my wife's Nook was charging.  What a headache.  Anyway, any idea what the process is to uninstall ADE on a Mac?  Your suggestions seem to be PC oriented.  No worries if not, just looking for help.  Thanks!

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                            krellboy Level 1

                            You may want to open a support ticket with Adobe directly.  While many have reported that they were less than responsive I found that if you are patient and persistant they will probably help you.  For instance my situation didn't seem to be resolving normally until I gave them detailed info on my problem.  After about a week or 10 days of emails back and forth they finally offered to call me.  Turned out there final instructions did the trick for me.





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                              perfect....thank you

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                                I ran into the same problem with my wife's Nook. I figured it didn't matter about the Adobe login and used my login to authorize ADE. We did the ADE download and everything. Then we downloaded a library ebook and she got the message that it was authorized to a different user. So I too needed to deauthorize my ADE on my iMac. Yes the earlier instructions are for Windows. So I started pressing key and found this:


                                1. CMD>Shift>D will bring up the dialog box to deautherize a Mac (running OS 10.5.8 it may work on other versions too). The choices are Cancel or Deauthorize. The box basically tells you that you will loose everything that is in your ADE. Once you deauthorize the computer the next dialog box basically says that you will need to authorize again.


                                2. Trash the app. Go back to the ADE website and download the app again. You may need to create a new account for yourself or whom every you are doing this for. I had to create a new account for my wife. Once ADE is downloaded you go through the authorization process as before with the new login.


                                3. If the Nook does not show up in the list on the left, quit ADE with the Nook still attached to your computer. Then restart ADE. When it come up the Nook will appear in the list. You will get the dialog to authorize the device.


                                4. Then it is a matter of adding the ebook to the ADE on the computer and dragging the ebook to the Nook icon.


                                My problem now is that ADE thinks the ebook that worked yesterday to transfer to the Nook is authorized to someone else (probably me). So I guess my wife will need to request the book again or try a different book.



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                                  I've found that using calibre is easier if you have this problem... I downloaded the book from my mom's google account but my nook is obviously set up for me and I am not about to change my set up on my nook for one book I borrowed from my mom's library. If you put the book into calibre and convert and transfer to your reader it is a lot less hassel and reads perfectly.