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    Editing imported Photoshop layer in Flash CS4?

    SabelV Level 1

      Hi, When I import a Photoshop layer into Flash, for my flash movie, it doesn't matter whether I import it as a bitmapped image with editable styles, a flattened bitmap, or a Flash Layer, etc (I've tried every option,,,,,)

      I can't edit it in the sense that I am unable to go in and take the eraser tool and erase a section of the scene on that layer that wasn't created in Flash. I can draw on it in Flash and modify it that way. I can effect it via tweens enlarge, alpha transparency etc. But I can't erase part of the graphic that I created outside of Flash in Photoshop.

      I've tried erasing on the graphic itself, also after it's converted to a movie clip - inside the movie clip's timeline etc. It doesn't work. As I said , I can draw on it and effect it but I can't erase part of what was already in it before it was imported from PS4.

      Is this a characteristic of Flash or am I doing something wrong?

      Please let me know and thanks,


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          SabelV Level 1

          I think I've got it. The original graphic is a bitmap. So, I need to "break it apart" which converts it to vectors. Then I can "erase" from there. Probably, I'll end up doing this editing part in PS4.

          Sorry everyone, I'm still new to this and as you can tell, still barely scratching the surface of Flash. If anyone wants to comment, please do so because I truly get lost in space and a heads up letting me know I'm going in the right direction would be great!

          Believe it or not I have Flash books, I actually read them, and take courses via dvd. But I couldn't get anywhere close to completing my projects without the help I get from these forums.