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    How should I setup my HD configuration


      I have looked at Harm's guides and learned a lot, but I am pretty new to the RAID and video editing community and would like some direction and advice.


      I currently have bought all of the parts and pieces for my build with CS5 (Premiere Pro) in mind.  The main parts related to the HDs are:


      MoBo - Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R

      HD - 1TB Samsung F3 7200rpm 32mb x 2

      CPU - Intel i7 950 3.06ghz

      OS - Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

      RAM - Corsair 12gb 1300 ddr3


      I really need guidance on how to setup my HD situation.  I am mainly going to use this machine to edit video that I shoot on my Canon t2i.  I plan on using After Effects and Photoshop a lot as well.  I may eventually get around to learning some of the other programs in the CS5 suite, but for all intents and purposes this machine is to edit video from my t2i.


      Should I RAID or not RAID?  I read Harm's guide on this, but truthfully a lot of it was Greek to me.  I was wondering if someone could dumb it down for me al ittle bit to help me understand.  I currently only have 2 HD's, but I am thinking I need a 3rd for sure because I want the OS and programs on a seperate HD.  I initially thought I would do the OS and Programs on 1 HD, then RAID 0 two seperate HDs, but now I am afraid this is a bad choice for video editing purposes and all of the data I could lose if I was in the middle of an editing session.  Also, if I do RAID, I would really prefer to utilize my onboard RAID controllers on my Motherboard because I've spent too much money on the system and can't spend the money on a proper RAID hardware controller.


      If anyone is kind enough to walk me through the best setup for my situation, I would be greatly appreciated.  I enjoy doing things myself and would love to learn something new and just need some of the terminology explained to me like a child, I'm not embarassed to say.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          I don't know if you read this: Adobe Forums: Generic Guideline for Disk Setup


          Click on the image to enlarge it.

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            bradford33 Level 1

            Thanks so much for reading my post and helping, I really do appreciate it.  I'd be lost without forums like this.  Anyways, yes, I did read that and as of right now I plan on going and picking up another HD and following your 3 HD setup, however, I am not opposed to picking up a 4th and doing some sort of RAID.


            I read your article/post about "should I RAID or shouldn't I RAID," but in all honesty I had a hard time grasping what would work for me.  Based on my video source files from my Canon t2i, would you suggest RAID if I am willing to add a 3rd and 4th HD or would just going with 3 and not touching RAID be best for me?


            If I do go RAID based on your advice, should I do as follows:


            C: OS, Programs, Music Library

            E: Media and Projects

            F: Pagefile, Media Cache

            E: Previews and Exports


            Which 2 drives would you suggest running in a RAID0, assuming this is what you'd suggest.


            Or am I better off just doing 3 HDs like you suggest:


            C: OS, Pagefile, Programs, Music Library

            E: Media, Projects

            F: Media Cache, Previews and Exports



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              C: OS, Programs, Music Library

              E: Media and Projects

              F: Pagefile, Media Cache

              F: Previews and Exports


              I rearranged your suggestion somewhat, because of the size of your media files. Notice that the two disks designated F are then seen as 1 disk if they are configured in raid0. I would make sure you have a good external disk for backing up the Exports. All the rest will be recreated without problems in case of data loss on the raid0.

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                Jay Knobbe Level 1

                If I may jump in here...


                I am similar in that I am thinking of doing the following:


                C: OS, Programs, Music Library     WD 300gb Raptor

                E: Media and Projects                    F3 1TB

                F: Pagefile, Media Cache                F3 1 TB x2

                F: Previews and Exports                 F3 1 TB x2

                G: Back ups                                  WD Caviar Blk 1TB


                Or should the back up hard drive be an external unit?


                I'm also thinking of having an additional 2TB drive for old captured files (family) that I don't want to capture again and don't know what else to do with.

                should this be internal or external?



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                  Harm Millaard Level 7

                  I actually prefer internal but swappable disks over externals. Keeps it cleaner, less cable mess but requires internal SATA connectors available and you may run out of them if you don't have a raid controller, and then the only option you have is externals.