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    dw exchange broken, proper tags for html5

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      I just got done summarizing the w3c's whatwg html5 document after getting permission from Ian Hickson, the author.  the summary contains a list of elements in singleton or open/close tag format, followed by its attributes, along with the attributes' values.


      there is also a one-liner summary of global attributes, which apply to all elements.


      each element is on its own line.  so you should probably have notepad++ or similar long-lined programmer's text editor to edit the document.  notepad++ is freely available.  the whatwg document (which is the recommended document) is very slow to load and use, is monolithic, and most of the time hangs the browser - the pdf version is 14MB in size and it is pretty much all text, so that gives you an idea why it's not working in the browser well.

      the html version is dated sometime in October 2010, the pdf version is dated sometime in April 2010.


      please consider using this latest version of html5 or at least a complete recent version of html5 spec for your html5 dreamweaver extension.  I found the elements that were in the extension to be sorely lacking.  you may have to get permission from Ian Hickson to do this type of development, but it will be more complete, and surely worth it, and everybody else should be happy with it (as soon as dw exchange is stabilized). and it will be usable until a reasonable date for an update occurs.



      the summary document is a simple text file with windows line endings and is at http://JesusnJim.com/common/html5-tags.txt


      in the whatwg document, under "HTML Syntax, Elements", look for the void elements.  those are the definitive list of singleton tags.  a lot of vendors (including me in the past) got the embed and li elements wrong - it is a singleton.  dd, dt, li, option, and optgroup are open/close.

      the whatwg document is at http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/

      the pdf version is at http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/html5-letter.pdf



      Jim Michaels

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          pziecina Level 6

          Hi Jim


          Not exactly certain what you are referring to here, I take it singleton = empty?


          The html5 you are referring to is the none xml compliant version, however the html5 spec, (http://www.whatwg.org/specs/web-apps/current-work/multipage/infrastructure.html) does allow for the xml variant -

          Except where otherwise stated, all elements defined or mentioned
            in this specification are in the
            http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml namespace, and all
            attributes defined or mentioned in this specification have no


          For compatibility with existing content and prior specifications,
            this specification describes two authoring formats: one based on XML
            (referred to as the XHTML syntax), and one using a custom format inspired by SGML (referred to as
            the HTML syntax). Implementations
            may support only one of these two formats, although supporting both
            is encouraged.


          The DW html5 includes the xml variation, and is my preferred variation, so in order to comply with your request this must be removed, this would cause me to  ask that the DW extension be rewritten to support the xml variant.


          I am not saying that what you are asking is wrong, just that for the html5 I wish to use, it is correct.



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            jmichae1 Level 1

            regardless of the variant of html5 being used, the embed element's syntax is incorrect in the dw extension.  so I begin to wonder about other questionable elements.


            when I questioned Ian Hickson (the author of the documents) about permission to make a summary document of html5, he said I was only licensed to use the whatwg, not the w3c document to make the summary, and then pointed me to the license page.  So I begin to wonder what the purpose of the w3c document is for. (?)


            you could probably ask on the www-talk mailing list at the w3c if you want to be sure which document is proper to use.


            understanding at least a few key parts of the document is key to making a proper extension.  yes, the term "singleton"="void element" in w3c document parlance. here is a link to the list of singletons ("void elements"). all else are



            in fact, it is possible dreamweaver may have this coded incorrectly also.


            since I am doing some personal HTML5 feature testing and draft (even unimplemented) html5/css3 coding, it would be nice to have the full feature set available to me.  thanks.


            the w3c document says the standard ignores the xmlns attribute.  the whatwg document has no xmlns attribute (that section of the document may have been deleted).  in either case, you have no browser xml support.

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              pziecina Level 6



              Obviously there is still a lot of confusion over what the different 'organizations' that are 'responsible' for html5, (at least they have now agreed that it is html5 and not html 5, (note the space)) agree upon. It has been a couple of months since I looked into what was happening and the differences between the whatwg and w3c documentation, the unfortunate, (or maybe not) disagreements between the two on what should be the standard has only confused the matter for many, and until this is decided upon any change to the DW extension I think would be premature at this point.


              You are incorrect in thinking that both the whatwg and w3c documentation do not have a xmlns element as the 2nd quote referring to this in my first reply is taken directly from the October 2010 documentation of the whatwg and it is implemented in FF/Safari/IE9, although the reference recommended is the xhtml from 1999, (shows how little really changes).


              It maybe that this will start the debate into how a document should be coded once again, (I hope not) but as I said at the beginning of this post, until the two 'organizations' responsible get their act together, (and possibly stop fighting over who 'owns' the web as html5) then they will only hinder the possibility of more people using html5 as the format of preference.



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                if I remember right, the whatwg and w3c documents differ only slightly on a couple of attributes in a couple of elements.  they are remarkably similar when you boil them down to open/close-singleton, attribute, values.

                the global attribs also differ somewhat.


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