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    Choosing the right technologies for a FEM simulation visualization




      I have been a Flash dev for over a year now, developing games for kids in pure AS3. I have recently started thinking about my Bachelor's Degree project and I decided to use what I know and develop as a developer - and I chose Flash to be my ground technology for this.


      The subject of my project is to visualize a finite-element method simulation (FSI - which is simulation for both fluids and solid objects) of 2D (3D for Master's) flow through the aortic valve in heart. What I have to do, basically, is use some FEM application (I chose an archaic Adina) to generate data about the mesh (FEM nodes and elements) and then use it to visualize the whole thing. I was thinking about parsing the output *.dat files and put it to XMLs or just putting it manually in a database so I wouldn't have to deal with file access. Either way is fine, I guess.


      Now, my question is - what do I use to optimize this?

      Remember, I'm totally new to Flex, I've made only a couple AIR apps.

      One of the questions is - use FlashDevelop, which I have been using ever since I started programming in AS3, or switch to FlashBuilder? I definately want to use Flex to create the interface, Flash of course to visualize the whole thing and the problem is I can't get a grip on the overall image. Should I use AIR to build desktop app, or keep it web app, what's the best option for me as a Flex beginner, which will have better performance (as the problem itself is quite complicated) and generally what do you usually use for things like this.


      I was trying not to sound too desperate, but I don't really have any gurus around to ask questions like that - I hope you can help.


      Thanks for all the input in advance!