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    Audio gets cut off at start and end of slide.  Gets worse as project size increases.




      I am using Captivate 5 to create some e-learning content that is a mixture of slides with animated images on them and application/video demonstrations.


      Each slide generally has several text captions which follow each other with a seperate piece of Audio, recorded iin Captivate 5.  Each project generally has between 10 and 120 slides in it - The projects with a higher number of slides are mainly due to several frames of 'video'/recorded content.


      The problem I am seeing is that audio cuts off, sometimes at the beginning, but more often, at the end of a slide and this behavior is more obvious when the project gets larger.

      Interestingly, the problem seems to be much more prominent when viewing the published project by running the .swf file directly compared to when the .swf file is run via the.htm file !?!  When running from the .htm file the problem is far less extreme/noticeable.  I do not see the problem when previewing within Captivate.


      I am aware of the various workarounds (to add gaps in the audio at the end of slides) but these are exactly that, workarounds - and very timeconsuming workarounds at that!


      Is Adobe looking into why audio and video get out of sync as several customers have reported?  Can we expect a fix?  These flaws in the product significantly detract from the otherwise very good product that it is.



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