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    Zoom option while video editing?


      Thinking about purchasing Adobe premiere elements 9 for Video editing does it have a zoom option for actual video footage (not photos)?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not sure what you're asking.


          If you're asking if it's possible to scale up your video so that you can "zoom" into a point -- yes, that's possible. It's just not a very good technique.


          Essentially what you'll be doing is "over-rezzing" your video. Increasing it from, say, 72 dpi resolution to, say 40 or 50 dpi. So the result is going to look fuzzy and pixelated.


          There is no way possible to truly zoom in on an area of a video and still maintain full resolution. Well, except for in the "CSI" TV shows, where they've somehow got magic software that can do anything.

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            ManRey55 Level 1

            Steve thanks for the info, I've been recording my daughters' soccer game and

            was asked if it were possible to zoom into a certain play, outside of having

            multiple camera's and the "CSI" software this will have to do...Thanks for

            the info.....

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              To Scale either Video or stills, you would use the fixed Effect>Motion>Scale. This can be done statically, or dynamically, where the Zoom eases in and eases out, with the use of Keyframes over time. PrE will do this as well and as easily, as any other NLE (Non Linear Editor) program. I would download and explore the trial.


              As Steve points out, the quality will take a hit, depending on the amount of Scale added.


              For sports material, where one wishes to isolate a player, or group of players, this ARTICLE might also be useful.


              Good luck,



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                ManRey55 Level 1



                Thanks for the info, I greatly appreciate it.



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  You are most welcome.


                  Happy editing,



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                    ManRey55 Level 1



                    How are you? I got the program in and tried downloading video footage from a

                    DVD that was edited and burned from a pinnacle program (pc).  It accepted

                    the video footage but did not accept the audio something about being or

                    needing to be coded.  Have you ever run into this problem.  By the way I'm

                    using a Premier Elements 9 on the imac..




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                      the_wine_snob Level 9



                      **** well, and just got back into the US last night.


                      I do not recall all the specs. of a Pinnacle Studio DVD, but it is likely that you have Audio encoding, that requires a particular CODEC to work. There are two possible Audio schemes for DVD-Video: PCM/WAV Audio, or AC3 (a flavor of MPEG) that might be either 2-channel (stereo), or 6-channel (5.1). Either will be 48KHz 16-bit. The WAV is a standard on the PC, but not sure if it is also a standard on the Mac. The AC3 requires the correct MPEG AC3 CODEC, but I think that is provided with the installation of QT Player. You might have to get one, or both, of those CODEC's, and install at the system level.


                      For general info on DVD-Videos, this ARTICLE might be useful. For general info on CODEC's, this ARTICLE will give some background. Note: both are a tad PC-centric, as that is the platform that I work on - sorry.


                      Good luck,