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    After Effects CS4 - layer appears in low-res but disappears in full-res

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      Does anyone know what underlying circumstances might cause this to happen?


      I have a composition with 12 layers, 3 of which appear fine in the preview screen up to half-res, but when I bump the project up to full-res they vanish. Likewise when I render the comp at web-video settings everything is fine but at full res I lose those layers.


      The layers are:


      1 - Camera

      2 - Adjustment layer

      3 - jpg 3d

      4 - jpg 3d

      5 - Adjustment layer

      6 - Pre-prepared composition 3d

      7 - Black solid

      8 - jpg 3d

      9 - jpg 3d

      10 - jpg 3d

      11 - White solid

      12 - Black solid


      All the jpgs are different parts of the same very large image, masked. Layers 8, 9 & 10 are the ones that appear in low res but disappear in full res. If I move layer 3 down to below layer 7, that disappears (in full res) too.


      All a bit odd! Any ideas?