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    re-install CS4 over CS5 Master Suite

    rickg1949 Level 1

      What would you think about the possible effects of putting CS4 back in my system now that I have a clean install of CS5 (from the OS on up, still haven't reloaded everything)?  I am still trying to get HDV mpeg clips to preview in Bridge and Windows Media player without success and Premiere still seems sluggish.  Getting "file update errors" when I capture new footage.


      This is in my dual processor/Quad Core 3.0, 8 gig RAM, Vista Ultimate 64bit, NVidia 5700 (1.5gig) graphics setup.  It has worked flawlessly in CS4 before I upgraded to CS5.  Previews, workflow, pretty stable (only problems were usually pilot error), overall quite happy.


      So, in short, does anyone think that putting CS4 back in might give me back the mpeg CODEC support (external to Premiere - all clips play inside Premiere OK).  Don't anyone suggest 3rd party CODEC packages: been there, done that and spent a week doing a clean install from ground up.  And, "Yes", all file associations inside Bridge and in Windows have been set up.  Latest versions of Quicktime and Windows Media Player.


      When I moved to CS5 I also went from Vista 32bit to 64bit.  All updates have been installed to that, but could that be where problem lies?  My business relies on recycling footage from project to project, mixing and blending from nearly 3TB of storage, so bringing them all into a Premiere project bin to preview is out of the question as you all well know.


      Sorry to drag on, but I love Master Suite a lot and would love to make it fly higher than it did in CS4.


      So, does it hurt to back-wards-re-install products?  (edit: I realize I can't open CS5 projects in CS4, just would hope that CS4 would slip the missing code into my machine to allow HDV mpeg to preview in Bridge)



      (in the snow today)

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          Installing CS4 after CS5 has been known to cause problems. Put simply, the CS4 installer doesn't respect some CS5 components and stomps all over them.


          Installing CS5 after CS4 works fine. I've done it one half a dozen machines. The CS5 installer was created to know about and not interfere with the CS4 components.

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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            Latest versions of Quicktime and Windows Media Player.


            Get rid of Quicktime and don't use WMP.  Players like VLC, The KMPlayer and GOM are much better and will play just about anything.

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              rickg1949 Level 1

              I'm sorry, but "get rid of Quicktime and Windows Media Player..."???


              Did I miss something over the years but don't we need Quicktime installed for video functionality in CS apps and WMP is built into Window OS so how might one "get rid of it"???


              Those are hardly 3rd party apps in any shape or form.  Thanks for the conversation, rg

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                Colin Brougham Level 6

                Strictly speaking, QuickTime Player is not required for Premiere Pro. However, if you intended to ingest or export to any QuickTime formats, you need it installed. There is a certain contigent on the forum that, at every opportunity, rails against QuickTime. For some of us, it's a vital part of our workflow, despite its foibles, and eliminating it is simple not an option. For the others, they don't need it in their daily work, and so classify it as unnecessary for all. I suggest you determine what's necessary for your particular workflow and ignore the static.


                As far as Windows Media Player is concerned: it's far from the best or most capable media player, but it's also the LCD (lowest common denominator). If it plays/look good there, it'll work anywhere else. I certainly wouldn't ever recommend using it for any QC role, but sometimes you're dealing with end users who--shall we say--are not the most technically astute, and the Law of KISS applies.


                So regardless of the scapegoating, if you need these tools, keep 'em in your toolbox...

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                  rickg1949 Level 1


                  Exactly as I feel.  "KISS" is my mantra and I like to test everything at the lowest common denometer (many of my clients).  That comment echoed what many have thought about my Bridge/mpeg problem: "what'ca need to do that for?"  Duh!!  Try to find a shot from a shoot 4 years ago for a new project that the client remember using before, but only remembers it visually, Bridge has been my tool since it was released.


                  Thanks for the conversation.  rg

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                    Colin Brougham Level 6

                    Yeah, wish we could get the MPEG issue sussed out--I'm guessing this is just an as-yet-lacking feature of Bridge, that will hopefully be addressed in an update/future version.


                    In the meantime, you might want to take a look at CatDV; it's a pretty amazing cataloging and digital asset management tool. Check out the demo version and see if it might suit your needs. I think the $89 version would probably cover your basis, and offer a lot of functionality that Bridge does not (which I still view as a photo browsing app, not a video browsing app).

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                      Jim_Simon Level 8

                      Colin's point is well made.


                      Just for clarification, I wasn't suggesting you get rid of Windows Media Player, simply that you not use it.  There are better players out there that often overcome whatever issues you're having with WMP.