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    Several Key Question (Xvid, letterbox res, etc.)


      Hey all, first time poster here. I'd seriously appreciate the help for this dilemma.


      I'm not an avid movie editor, but I have some questions when using Premiere Pro in CS5.


      1. Premiere really acts funny when dealing with Xvid .avi files. For instance, I've imported them into Premiere, created a sequence, saved it, exported it, and even viewed it. However, when I closed/reopened the application, the video was then not showing - media "offline" - and I could not import it again, instead it would only import from then on as audio. So it did - at one point - import it, but then it decided to act goofy and not recognize it. Where is the conflict?
      2. I am editing widescreen .avi files. When I export them, they end up getting smushed into a fullsize TV screen, instead of keeping the widescreen/letterbox format. I really don't see where I can retain the original format that they are in - I had just assumed that they would come out the way they came in. So where is the feature to export them as widescreen?


      That's about it for now. I'd really appreciate those questions being answered.