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    FLV loads when tested, but won't load/play on web

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      (Slightly different from the person's post below.)


      I have been using FLV-encoded short movie (1mb - 10mb) files with good success, but now I have encoded and uploaded a new movie (encoded with Adobe Media Encoder), and, when tested here on my computer, all works fine, I get the movie and the controller skin. However, I've uploaded the files to their proper locations, and when I go to the URL, the movie file will not load/play on the web page! All of my other previous movies (this is the same site/directory, no changes there) load and play fine. This new movie seems cursed. I tried encoding several versions, each slightly different, but no luck.


      Thank you-


      Adobe Media Encoder CS5

      Dreamweaver CS5

      OS 10.6.4