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    Pencil Tool Draw Delay?


      So, I'm new to Adobe Flash CS4, and I was wondering why on earth my pencil tool delays when I draw with it? I will click, draw my line (which will be invisible), then when I let go of my mouse/pen, the line appears. Is it supposed to do that? Is there a way to fix it? I hate it, because I can't see what I'm doing. I downloaded all of the updates, and I have more than enough memory on my computer and my processor is more than fast enough. My paintbrush works fine, it's just the pencil.


      Please help me with this.


      Thank you

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          Jnz77 Level 1

          adobe macromedia team doesn't care about development of drawing tools.
          they are still buggy as hell in CS5 too, so it is perfectly the same.
          if you use flash for drawing, you gain nothing with upgrading from the very first version!!

          because no improvement at all !!!!



          drawing in flash is a nightmare !!!!!!

          the pen tool has a delay as hell.
          the pen tool forgets the last point, and connects the next point to a random point.
          you cannot start a new line in a point of another line,  if you click on it, flash straightens it or deletes it.


          excuse me for using your topic complaining about flash.

          my answer is yes, it is "the natural way" that flash pen tool is working.


          sometimes if you want to force the pen tool to speed up, and you start clicking and drawing in a higher speed (without the visual feedback), flash will produce the same delay, but on top of that, it will draw straight lines.


          sometimes if you want to delete anchor points on one layer, flash will delete anchor points or anything else even on other locked layers too !!!
          or deletes entire shapes.


          (sometimes = very often)


          if you want to use pen tool, i suggest you the Illustrator.


          if you want to make drawing with flash, there is the "n" shortkey for the line, and the "v" for shaping it.


          Forget the pen tool as Adobe has forgotten it for ages ago !