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    Lens correction won't automatically detect lens and correct


      I'm having a fun time with the lens correction feature in LR 3.2, but it will not auto detect the lens.  I have all profiles loaded, I checked.  I convert all photos to .dng from the .nef format.  (Nikon shooter)  When I enable the profile corrections button the setup changes to custom and the lens profile "maker" drop down says none???  and on the bottom it reads "Unable to locate a matching profile automatically." If I change the Make to Tamron by manually selecting it, for example, it finds the profile and all is well.  How in the heck do I set it up so the profile connection is enabled automatically and the right lens pops up without intervention??  Hope someone can help with this...I'm working through 500 down selects and this would be nice to fix this issue.


      I can see all the lens info in the metadata on the normal library screen????.


      Thanks so much for your help in advance!