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    Can You Link In After Effects?


      In Autodesk 3DS Max, your given an option to "Link", which literally links two, or more, objects together.


      As an example, you can have a bouncing ball as Object 1, and a camera as Object 2.


      You can "Link" the camera to stick right with the bouncing ball as it bounces, if you so wish.


      Here is the scenario I wish to pull off in After Effects.


      Please see the example screen shot picture.


      In the picture, you will notice a very simple example.


      I have two layers.


      One is a Text layer, and one is a solid, of which I have applied Trapcode Particular.


      I have animated/keyframed Particular's emitter, to travel simply from the left side of the screen, to the right side.


      All I want to do, is to have the text, which in this case is one simple letter, follow directly in front, and with, the emitter.


      In essence, linking the text's "Position" to that of the Emitters, so that no matter what bizarre path I may program the emitter to travel, the text's Position will still be the same as the emitters.


      How is this possible?


      Perhaps a simple single line expression?


      Thank you.