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    Convert to PDF Button in Google Chrome?


      Hey Everyone! I just installed Acrobat 9 Pro, and I am really happy to see that there is a Convert to PDF button in internet explorer, but unlucky the button doesn't show up in google chrome so that I cannot use this awesome feature when I am surfing the internet on chrome...has anyone have ideas? by the way using the print function to generate PDF always mess up with the photos and picture of the website....


      Thanks a lot!

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          Bill@VT Level 7

          In most cases, PDF Maker is only a macro for MS OFFICE related products. Sorry. I don't use IE either, though not Chrome.

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            roholden Level 1

            I really wish Adobe would provide this plugin for Chrome.  Chrome is the best browser

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              Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Acrobat X provides 'Convert to PDF' for Internet Explorer and Firefox.

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                Fortune Mile Level 1

                Any update for Google chrome for Adobe acrobat to have a converter to pdf ?

                If not as yet any plan for in the future or any work around- IE is not stable and I want to be able to use this in Google chrome- please help!

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                  Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You can use Firefox.

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                    Fortune Mile Level 1

                    downloaded firefox 8.0.1- how do i get the create button which has the add button etc as in IE

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                      Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Repair the Acrobat X installation.

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                        Fortune Mile Level 1
                        1. Did Repair the Acrobat X Installation from the Help menu in the Adobe Acrobat Pro twice with system reboot twice each time, but cannot locate the converter in Firefox;
                        2. tried Firefox Help but no information either,
                        3. The Adobe help says as follows:

                                 Views>Toolbars>Adobe Acrobat- Create PDF

                           4. But in Fire Fox 8.0.1--- there is no Toolbars>Adobe Acrobat; nor can i attempt to set it up in customize toolbar either.............

                           5. It is present in the Firefox Tools > Plugins , it is enabled there and uptodate;

                           6. but when i click on Firefox Tools> Extensions-  there is the following message:

                               ! Adobe Acrobat- Create PDF is incompatible with Firefox 8.0.1

                                Adobe Acrobat- Create PDF 1.1 (disabled)


                           is this true or ?

                           is there some detailed article or help link i can follow to troubleshoot this or any other suggestions?


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                          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Version 10.1.1 of Acrobat supports Firefox 6.0.

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                            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            Fortune Mile - this is something we're asked a lot, and it's not Adobe's fault. See my explanation here.

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                              Fortune Mile Level 1

                              Ultimately we need to find a solution to utilize Adobe Acrobat X creating pdf ability from internet by saving fonts, hyperlinks, search etc........

                              ( It mayn�t be Adobe's fault but applications are designed with intentions to work in sync and not isolation)


                              (A) From within the browser itself:

                              Chrome does not incorporate the convert button- so forget Google chrome- they have no other option either- their loss.

                              (ii) Friefox latest version (8.0) does not incorporate the convert button- wonder why? it was there till 6.0

                              (iii) Only IE (9.0- latest version) does; but this browser is not stable and tends to crash very frequently- even on a Windows 7 Home Premium original platform.

                              I understand and appreciate that Adobe has no control over these applications- it would be nice IE gets stable; or Firefox or Chrome to carry the converter button.


                              (B) From within  Adobe Acrobat X

                              In the Create button "Create PDF from Web Page"

                              -it would be nice to see the same functionality as within the internet browser.

                              For example:

                              (a) The URL could show up as an Internet Browser is open on a page automatically in Adobe Acrobat X "Create PDF from Web Page" or have the ability to browse to that page- currently I have to copy and paste the browser address from the Internet browser to this URL address into Adobe Acrobat X "Create PDF from the Web Page".

                              The current "Browse" button in the "Create PDF from Web Page" window takes you to your computer files- data on your drives- not the Internet Browser currently open- or give you the choice to select the Internet tab open. Though the drop down arrow in the URL address field of the "Create PDF from the Web Page" gives you a history of past URL-nothing current -where you are now to get to except copy and paste-please clarify.

                              (b) In the Adobe Acrobat X "CONVERT" button in the IE Browser it allows to add another page to the existing pdf -thus as you are browsing and find relevant information one can add to the existing pdf, but this option is not available from within Adobe Acrobat X  "Create PDF from Web Page", it just gives the option to select levels or the complete site not the web pages as you browse to add into the same pdf as in the convert button in IE.


                              Thus it seems Adobe provided more functionality from within the Browser in the "Create" button than from within the program itself.

                              Once again- we are not playing discover faults but working to establish what we users experience and how as a community we can be creative to find solutions.

                              In the end we realize there is nothing perfect only an intention to get comfortable and be efficient.

                              So please I open this post to all to read and chime in for any possible solutions, as I have been experimenting for hours to understand how this can work, and dont think this should be so hard.

                              Internet is going no where and Adobe needs to develop products which increase efficiency of creating pdfs from the Internet.

                              Thus please take a moment, digest this and respond with a constructive feedback than one liner fault lines- sensitivity to the problem not the position of the product.

                              Cheers! Thanks for your attention and understanding-please take time to respond with a thorough understanding than to add posts.

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                                Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                I assume you read my linked post, so there's no point asking again why Firefox isn't supported.


                                Acrobat's desktop UI cannot magically read the current URL from your browser or see your history. They are different programs, and reading the data from one into another is a security risk. You don't expect your Web Browser to be able to see your emails, so why should some other program have access to every website you visit?? The Create PDF plugin can see the current URL as it's part of the browser process, and that's why it's there. If browser vendors choose not to allow it to load, that's not Adobe's fault and arguing about it here serves no purpose. Talk to Mozilla.


                                In Acrobat, you don't use the Create button to append pages, you use the Pages Panel of the Tools Pane - click More Insert Options -> Add to PDF from Web Page. It does what is says it does.


                                The UI tools are fully explained in the Acrobat help system, which users are advised to read carefully.

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                                  Fortune Mile Level 1

                                  Thanks! I appreciate the explanation - though I don't want to contemplate more on something that I do not construct.

                                  As an end user considering Acrobat is on my desktop it would be nice if it could read my web history as it does keep a history in the drop down- it just is not current .............when data is being exchanged on the same desktop for the same user it is in sync with permission- no one but myself would have access to my acrobat application.

                                  I will look into the UI tools and follow your prompts- appreciate the help.

                                  It would not make sense to talk to Mozilla considering the different schedules.

                                  In the end I hope Adobe can come up with some creative way- though there are applications- add ons for Mozilla Fire Fox which can print web pages as PDF that I saw; but wonder if they maintain the hyperlinks etc. and then again using a web app in terms of security could be only more concerning.

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                                    Lots of discussion.....


                                    I'm still a little confused, as in, is there/will there be a "Convert to PDF Button" in Google Chrome, as originally asked? It's great for IE, but it's a drag to be surfing in Chrome and then have to open an IE window, copy and past the URL, then press the handy-dandy convert to PDF button.


                                    Suggesting switching browsers in order to get the button feature seems like an absurb request to make. Changing the single program everyone likely spends 73% or more of their computer time using in order to get a press to get a PDF button.


                                    I have found many little "save page as PDF" type of Chrome Extensions, that present a button, that work pretty well, but I want my $400 PDF creator program to do the better job instead of the freeware one doing a so-so job.