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    MPE and GTX 470

      Hey guys I just installed a GTX 470 and something's not quite right.
      I verified that the card is on the compatible list for the Mercury Playback Engine.
      When I playback video from my NX5 the CPU goes to 100% while the GPU stays at around 11%.


      Any advice?


      Q6600 processor, 8GB of RAM, RAID 0, GTX 470 video card.


      Running drivers up to date as of 10-23-10 on all devices.
      All Adobe updates have been installed as of the above date as well.
      I've included a screen shot of my GPUSniffer results.
      I tried to run the CS5 Benchmark but when it came to running the .vbs file all it did was error out.


      GPUSniffer Results.jpg

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          are you sure its on hardware accelaration not cpu accelaration?

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            AFCUjstrick Level 1

            Yes I've checked and double checked to make sure it is set to GPU acceleration and not Software acceleration.


            I restarted Premiere a few times thinking maybe it was a setting that only took effect on restart.


            Previously I did not have the option to choose GPU acceleration, but now that I have installed the GTX 470 it is available.

            It appears it should be working but the CPU and GPU usage meters say otherwise.

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              JaysonM-Y Level 3

              Try doing a little animation, scale/opacity etc and add some transitions that require MPE see how that works out for ya.

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                richardrock Level 1

                More info!


                64bit OS?


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                  Harm Millaard Level 7



                  Your CPU/GPU usage figures are quite logical if you do not use a lot of MPE supported effects or transitions. You will only see more GPU usage if you apply more MPE supported effects in your timeline. Decoding is CPU only, effects and transitions can be GPU assisted if they are indicated as such.


                  24-10-2010 8-57-55.png


                  If you try the PPBM5 Benchmark you will notice a much bigger use of the GPU, because it is filled with accelerated effects. However, you said you had a problem with the script. Carefully follow the instructions for retesting at the end of the Readme file. Follow them to the letter. Even a slightly different approach may cause the script to fail.

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                    AFCUjstrick Level 1

                    It's Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

                    EVGA 780i motherboard.


                    It's looking more and more like my thoughts and expectations were wrong more than anything else.


                    Thanks for the help guys.

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                      ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

                      The current implementation of CUDA in the MPE only accelerates scaling and certian effects. The decoding process which is the initial part of the process pipeline is entirely handled by the CPU and is handled before the effects process. Your CPU/ram is to slow to really push the video card which is why you are not seeing much improvement and why the CPU is at 100% while the video card is at 11%. If you want to see the performance increase then you will want to upgrade to the current platform.