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    run a .exe file from within CP4?


      HI, I made this post some days ago but can't find it in "my stuff" so maybe it has gone to the IT gods in the sky.


      How do I run an external .exe file from within my project.


      I tried "run a url or file" without success, even tried "run another project" but again no luck.

      I want to create a menu which will run .exe apps.


      Any clues?




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          sumishra Level 1

          Hi Bill,

          It is potentially unsafe to run a .exe file directly from a browser.


          But you can follow the following approach which will warn the user to either save /cancel the download when he clicks the menu which is linked to the .exe file. Choose the "Open URL or file " option and  then write the required .exe file name in the URL text field. Publish the project. Now copy  the .exe file to the same location where you have published the project.Now when you will click on the button, the .html will try to open the .exe file  with 2 option as “Save File” or “Cancel” option. Now it is up to the end user to decide what to do.



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            grandpa72 Level 1

            Many thanks Subhransu


            That all makes sense,

            have a good day.