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    flex localisation




      I am still new to flex and learning about localisation in flex.


      I just wondering if it is possible to detect user computer setting and set the language accordingly, for example if a user is using english version of windows then display the website content, form, etc.. in english, if the user is using japanese version of windows then display the content, form, etc... in japanese and so on.


      if flex can detect the country and localisation on the end user computer, does this country/language code will be the same accross different os?, ie windows, linux, mobile, etc... or do I have to maintain a list to workout the mapping, ie does the code would be en_en (for english language), or just en? or gb?, etc...


      I just wondering if there is any standard best practice to develop multilingual flex application?

      should we do autodetection as I mention above to get the default setting or should we just let the user choose from drop down list?, I saw some website has drop downlist for language & country, and other have country only for localisation.


      I am interested to hear from developer that has or in the process on developing multilingual application on what the do and don'ts and any tips or tricks?


      on flex localsation example on flex tour de force, it show how to the change the label, but when I switch to france the input field is still in english instead of france?


      Thank you.



      - Haris -