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      this is my first posting in the forum i have just started reading the adobe flex2 i have some questions.

      a. How you will compile the program written in adobe flex2?
      b. do you need to place the file which contain adobe flex2 in some special folder?
      c. i am a student form where i can download the student copy so that i can learn this fantastic language.
      d. why we need adobe flex2 like purpose e.g . PHP is used for dynamic page wht is the main reason of that language.

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          ntsiii Level 3
          a. use Flex builder, or mxmlc
          b. A flex app is a compiled swf, rendered by the Flash Player, hosted by a browser. How you get there is very flexible.
          c. I do not know. Check the Adobe site.
          d. State on the client, no page refreshes, cross-browser compatibility, to name a few.