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    Error calling method on NPObject

    chook_rl Level 1

      Hi, I am building a website using Flash CS3 (AS3)


      Until recently we have had the index.html point to swfs located on the same domain (i.e. sub.domain.com) using SWFObject to load the login swf.

      Everything worked well, especially the ExternalInterface calls from the index.html Javascript to the Login swf.


      Now we moved the swfs to a different domain (amazon cloud front) and we are starting to get sandbox violations when trying to call the ExternalInterface functions.


      I have set up and validated both crossdomain.xml (on the index.html and login.swf root folder servers)

      and have made a call from Login.swf to Security.allowInsecureDomain and SecureDomain to sub.domain.com (as well as the login.swf server).


      What am I still missing?

      I've read some info about a setTimeout that I should use, but the ExternalInterface calls only occur when the user tries to close the webpage so by then

      all the swfs have been loaded and run.


      Please assist.