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    exporting AVI clips (error: "[\Src\Win\WinFile.cpp-759]" after 4 %)


      The following problem:


      I have 2 adobe premiere project. both have the same film and film length but different video codecs.


      1. project (low quality video codecs (mpeg4)



      export works fine




      2. project (high quality video codecs (avi)



      export stops every time after 4% with the following error notice:



      "Premiere Pro has encountered an error.






      or if I want export the project with other codecs, eg H.264 then Adobe premiere freezes and I can close Adobe Premiere then.



      Premiere memory settings (valid for both premiere projects):

      Installed RAM: 3,7 GB

      RAM reserved for other applications: 1,5 GB

      Ram available for Adobe: 2,2 GB


      Optimize rendering for: "Memory"



      computer details:


      system type: 64 Bit

      installed RAM: 3,75 GB

      processor: AMD Athlon, 2 x4 635 processor 2.90 GHz


      graphics card: ATI Radeon HD4200



      windows edition: 7





      How can I solve the problem, so that I can export my whole project in AVI codecs without freezing problems or error problems?



      Is it a hardware or software problem?




      Thanks in advance for your help