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    Stop music playing in one swf when another swf starts

    AKAoshi1 Level 1

      Hello Flash developers please help me here.


      On my main SWF Home  File i have 2 swf files are loaded into my (main home swf)  and everything is runing smooth BUT the problem is when i want to  watch the video the music is still playing i have to click on the button to stop music playing.


      what i want is when i click on the video to play i want automatically the music to stop playing with out me clicking the mp3 button to stop the music playing.



      Keep in mind i have 2 SWF files that are loaded in to the main swf file ...

      Home SWF is the main file


      MP3 SWF   <<   Loads on Home SWF

      Video SWF <<    Loads on Home SWF


      All i want is when the video is playing automatically stop the music and when the video is finish the music automatically continuing from where it was left.


      Thank you so