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    letterbox FS footage and safe zones...

    Keith_Clark Level 2

      so i am working on a project that was shot with an old 8mm camcorder. converted video to AVI, imported into premiere pro cs5. ok heres my question, i'm doing this for my own personal archives, i have an HD cam that i've been using the past couple years for stuff, but decided to go way back in my personal archives and digitize some older material. i shot in letterbox format, so its a full screen movie, but it has black bars. now my quetsion is, i want to future proof this. i dont currently have a WS tv, because with my apartment set-up... it just would not work. so i've been holding out because i have absolutely no where to put a monitor that is not square shaped currently. i want this project to be WS monitor compliant though.


      my question is, i put a zoom at 138% on the video and it fills up the entire editing space. my quandry is, however, the video is surpassing the "safe zone" by however much that is. would i be better to just zoom the video and render it to just at all edges of the WS safe zone (about 120%)? or go ahead and zoom to fill up the whole box? (138%)


      or even better, how would someone a little more experience in working with a letterbox FS video, convert it to be 16x9? is what i'm doing alright? or is there a better way?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Old material from a Hi-8 or Digital 8 camera is already very mediocre at best with todays standards. Enlarging that will further deteriorate the quality, that is already marginal to something that is no longer pleasant to watch. The only one to benefit from such an action is your ophtalmologist.


          Using that 4 x 3 material and exporting it as 16 x 9 will make everything look much wider and if your wife is in any shot, she will hate you for such an action.


          Just accept it as it is. Do not uprez or change PAR's.

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            SFL46 Level 3

            I think the best way to handle this is how some TV news programs do it when they have to

            show a SD clip--they center the clip on the screen and place some sort of patterned background to fill in the area not covered by the SD clip.