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    Should I upgrade to Premiere Elements 8 or 9




      In the past I have used Premiere Elements 3.0 but now I have a new PC so I'm thinking of upgrading.


      PC Spec:

      Windows 7 Home Premium

      Processor:          Intel Core i5 CPu 650 @ 3.20 GHz

      RAM:                 6.0 GB

      System Type:     64 bit OS


      I plan to create DVDs using files from my Sony HDR-SR1E.


      I have read some reviews which state PE9 is not robust and is very slow, but I have also found bad reviews about PE8!

      Having experienced some problems when I first started using PE3 I realize there may be some initiale configuration problems which I am happy to sort out

      But I would be annoyed if I bought PE9 and then couldn't use it, so does anyone have any advice, which version I should buy?


      Thanks in advance



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Version 8 is no longer sold, unless you can find a vendor (NOT EBAY) with an old copy to sell


          To test... first make a backup of your hard drive so you may restore (see below) and then download the trial to see if it behaves on your computer


          You should buy software to make a full backup of your hard drive to an external USB hard drive... which makes restoring very easy

          The product I use is at http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/image-for-linux.htm

          Image runs off of a bootable CD via Linux (the Zip you download includes a program to make the bootable CD) and it reads EVERYTHING on the drive, even the hidden registration information, so everything is restored when needed... and you may restore the image to a brand new drive and not have to re-install anything

          Please note that I own no part of Image, and I don't get a referral fee (that is just a plain web link) but I use the program and it has saved me a LOT of trouble when I had a hard drive die... and I was able to restore everything and not have to re-install or re-activate a single program, from Windows on up

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            Tony One Thousand

            Mel, I'm in the same boat as you. I installed PE 9 (Trial) on the same PC that I've been running PE 3 for a while now. It's not a high-end system, just an Intel Core2 6300 1.86 GHz 2GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce 210 GPU. PE 9 and 3 seem to co-exist fine. I can still open and edit my old projects in PE 3. But some things to be aware of, you may have issues opening old projects in PE 9 that were started in PE 3. Several other threads on this forum discuss the problems, and the general advice seems to be don't try this. That's disappointing because I was hoping to rework some old projects and was expecting for improvements with PE 9. My own feeling is if PE 3 was working well before, try re-installing PE 3 on your new PC and see how it goes. Not sure how the licensing issue works if you change machines, but hopefully Adobe will accommodate you. Quite frankly, with what I've seen so far, I'm going to stick with PE 3.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Version 8 was rather a rather sluggish performer in any event, Mel. So, if you're looking for an upgrade, you should be much happier with version 9.


              You've also got plenty of power for -- depending on what you're using for your source video -- you should certainly get great performance from the program.


              But definitely download the trial and give it a test drive before you buy. There's no better way to see if it's right for you.


              I think John may be a bit overly cautious in urging you to back up your entire system before you download the trial. It really will not do anything to your system that can't be undone with an uninstall.


              Still, you can never back up too often!

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                rdnelson Level 2

                I support your suggestion on a full system backup.  I personally use Acronis and highly recommend it.


                Installing PrE 9 has corrupted my system.  I did do a backup prior so it wasn't too bad to restore.  You will run into a issue if the Microsoft supplied security update msxml version 6 is installed on your system.  Msxml was originally installed because I had Visual Studio installed.


                PrE 9 will attempt to roll back the system when the msxml installation will fail .  On my system, this causes the msi installer to get very confused to the point where a dialog pops up "Configuring Symantic Endpoint Protection".  This is repeated many many times.  You can't shut down the system and need to hard-power it off.  Booting the system the causes chkdsk to run and then your system is hosed.


                In many other cases, the rollback works without issue.


                I finally got the PrE 9 installed but had to replace the msxml.msi package with a fake version from the installer package.  I played around with PrE 9 and like what I see so far.  On the other hand, I'm very satisfied with PrE 8.


                I'm having problems with the PrE 9 Elements Organizer and don't have a conclusion if this is a installation issue or bug.


                My recommendation is for you to download the trial of PrE 9.  If it fits you and your workflow go with it as you will be on the latest supported verson of the software.

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                  Ssswtsfwsa Level 1

                  Hi guys


                  Thanks for all the advise.  I downloaded the trial version and found it really usable a huge improvement on version 3.  I have now purchased version 9 and am happily creating DVDs

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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Thank you for reporting your success.


                    Happy editing,