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    viewable area - artboard v stage conflict

    k3dj Level 1

      I have a simple animation created in Flash Pro - It works fine and when I run the project the stage area displays as it should just fine. No problem there. If I choose the Publish Preview HTML again it all works perfectly in the browser as intended.


      However . . . when I import the SWF into Flash Catalyst and place it on a layer, something wild happens. The animation is no longer contained in the stage area as expected.


      A symbol in the animation increases it's scale but as it does so, the outer edge region should bleed off the stage and no longer be visible as it leaves the stage borders. When tested in Flash Catalyst though - the symbol can still been seen when it has left the stage.


      I am new to both these Applications so forgive me if I have missed something which is really obvious to those of you who are familiar with Flash. If it obvious to you then it is your help I need here please . . . what have I done wrong ?


      I am secretly falling in 'love' with Flash Catalyst but it manages to freak me out and evade me so often

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          Nate B. Level 2

          This is a problem I've run into as well.  The solution I used to resolve this without having to re-publish the SWF (I hope this works for your project) is to convert the SWF to a custom component, edit in place the component, then use the modify menu to turn off 'Auto size component bounds', then turn on 'Clip to Component Bounds'.

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            k3dj Level 1

            Thanks for the response Nate


            I went through the process you suggested but I encountered problems. The result was I lost the ability to use the timeline function for the SWF which was a simpe 'fade' in and then a function to 'play SWF'


            As it stands, when converted to a Custom Component, the artwork displays but there's no animation and that's an issue for me.


            Maybe I did something wrong so I shall go back and try the process again a few times.


            I would much rather find a way to make sure that settings are made in Flash Professional first before Exporting to Flash Catalyst but I am not sure how to do that yet for sure. I assume there must be some way to define to SWF display size.


            I have looked through the Flash Pro Documents Settings in the Modify Menu and I am wondering if the set up there is something that I need to pay attention to. There are 2 settings that seem key . . . 1 is the default and the 2nd is the content both of which have values set in pixels. Do I need to ensure that the Content is set to the Stage size before exporting to Catalyst ? Does that Content Size determine the viewable area when exported ? I am not sure so I need to read some more stuff in the help guide text to find out but in the mean time, if you or anyone else have a better understanding of the settings, please be so kind as to advise me of them . . . thanks so much

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              I have this same issue...but from a different perspective.  My project started in Photoshop, imported in Catalyst and exported to

              SWF.  When viewed in Chrome / Safari...all looks as expected.  However, when uploaded to the server (just the .swf file), this is what I get.  The yellow areas are off of the stage in Catalyst, but visible in the published .swf.




              - - Jeff



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                k3dj Level 1

                I have been reading all the stuff in the Adobe Help App and I honestly can not find anything related to this that sheds any light on the topic. I can think of work arounds but it's something that should not require workarounds. Surely there must be a way to import SWF from Flash Pro to Flash Catalyst and still maintain control over the swf document size and thus the visible and not visible elements in the animation


                For a temporary solution I added another layer just to act like a picture frame. By sending the SWF animated layer to the back of everything else in the project - and then placing the 'picture frame' layer over it - with its colour set to the background colour - I managed to hide all the activity going on which should not appear, thus the picture frame acts as the SWF stage border.


                Thats fine for one quick fix for one SWF element on one project but doing such a workaround for all SWF elements on all projects forever more screams of nightmares to come.


                Maybe Adobe Staff will add some knowledge to the Adobe Help App for us all on one of those daily updates which drive us all crazy even though we understand thats the cost of the price of tech advancement these days ; )


                Maybe this is something that has been overlooked in the beta and or testing stages and they can produce an update to fix the issue or maybe we are all trying to do something with Flash Catalyst which it is not designed to do anyway.


                I naturally assumed that the Flash Pro Stage Area would remain so on export to Flash Catalyst but it seems that was my mistake. Its a shame because it places limits on production and design.