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    Premiere Elements 8 - Help




      I am new to this discussion. I have a Panasonis Digital Video recorder NV-GS75 and would like to make DVD's from my tapes. So I bought Premiere Elements 8 and it was just by luck than knowledge that I attached my Video Camera to my computer via a cable supplied with the camera that has a tiny usb type plug one end and a normal one the other end. I pressed Get Media and selected DVD Camcorder, it found my video recorder and I pressed play and the whole digital video tape downloaded in real time (1 hour) onto my computer.

      However that is where I am stuck. I am absolutely baffled by this programme. I wish to take some bits out of the recording but I don't know how and at one point the wind noise on the microphone is terrible and I would have liked to sort that out.


      I wondered if anyone could recommend a manual for dummies. I have checked  the Premiere Elements 8 for dummies but the reviews are not very good.


      I hope someone can help me.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I've written a number of books on Premiere Elements. You can find them on Amazon or by visiting the store at Muvipix.com, a Premiere Elements site I helped create. As you can see, I've written books for versions 7, 8 and 9 as well books on the combined Photoshop Elements/Premiere Elements package.


          You should also have a look at my free tutorials, Basic Training for Premiere Elements.


          One thing I do recommend first and foremost, however, and that is that you do not capture your video over USB.


          Your camcorder will interface perfectly with Premiere Elements, but only if you attach it to your computer with an IEEE-1394 FireWire cable. (Although your camcorder may not have come with a FireWire cable, your camcorder does have a port for it, probably labled "DV".)


          If you attached your camcorder to your camcorder with a FireWire cable and then use Get Media in Premiere Elements to launch the MinDV capture screen, you will be able to play the video and select only the segments you want to capture into your project.


          The books and tutorials at Premiere Elements support site http://Muvipix.com should help you with the rest!

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            Serendipity9177 Level 1

            Hi Steve,

            Thank you so much for that info. I have now bought a firewire cable and will try it later. I will have a look at your books.


            Thank you once again.