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    Making Subform Instances Visible/Invisible



            I am trying to loop through the Subform Instances of the form and trying to make them visible/invisible on the click of a Check Box. The script seem to run just fine but the values nothing happens to the subforms. The script is written on the CLICK event of check box and is as below:-


      ----- HAP_DOCUMENT.APR.HAP_DOCUMENT.Positions.DATA.CHECK_BOX::click: - (JavaScript, both) ----------
       nCount = APR.HAP_DOCUMENT.T_ELEMENTS.DATA.instanceManager.count;
      //var plan_value = this.parent.PLANS.rawValue;
       plan_value = this.parent.parent.parent.Storage_Form.PLANS.rawValue;
      for (var nItem = 0; nItem < nCount; nItem++) { // Begin Loop T_ELEMENTS after the Instance is created
      var sub_Tele = "HAP_DOCUMENT.T_ELEMENTS.DATA["+ nItem +"]";
      var tName = "HAP_DOCUMENT.T_ELEMENTS.DATA["+ nItem +"].T_COLL_CELL.DATA";
      var sCount = xfa.resolveNode(tName).instanceManager.count;
      for (var sItem = 0; sItem < sCount; sItem++) { // Second Loop on T_COLL_CELL
      var fName = "HAP_DOCUMENT.T_ELEMENTS.DATA["+ nItem +"].T_COLL_CELL.DATA["+ sItem +"].T_FIELD.DATA";
      var tCount = xfa.resolveNode(fName).instanceManager.count;
      for (aItem = 0; aItem < tCount; aItem++){ // Third Loop on T_FIELD
      var gName = "HAP_DOCUMENT.T_ELEMENTS.DATA["+ nItem +"].T_COLL_CELL.DATA["+ sItem +"].T_FIELD.DATA["+ aItem +"].simpleField.VALUE_STRING";
      var lName = "HAP_DOCUMENT.T_ELEMENTS.DATA["+ nItem +"].T_COLL_CELL.DATA["+ sItem +"].T_FIELD.DATA["+ aItem +"].simpleField.CAPTION";
      var subName = "HAP_DOCUMENT.T_ELEMENTS.DATA["+ nItem +"].T_COLL_CELL.DATA["+ sItem +"].T_FIELD.DATA["+ aItem +"]";
      var aVal = xfa.resolveNode(gName).rawValue;
      var bVal = xfa.resolveNode(lName).rawValue;
      var subVal = xfa.resolveNode(subName).presence;
      if (bVal == "Position Number"){ 
      if (aVal == plan_value) {
      if ( this.rawValue == 1) {xfa.resolveNode(subName).presence 
      = "visible";} 
      else {xfa.resolveNode(subName).presence 
      = "hidden"; }


      Is there any other way of addressing the properties of the Subform Instances? Could any please help me as to why there is no effect on the subforms?