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    Quicktime, Output To, and a Whole Lotta Crashing


      Hey everyone,


      I actually never post on forums due to the fact that I can find solutions thanks to your awesome help on here. But recently I ran into something that has eaten away my weekend and any hope to get things done. Here is the issue:


      In After Effects CS4 (9.0) a couple days ago, I rendered a really nice Quicktime movie using my own preset. But then as I went in to render the final composition out, it crashed randomly. So I looked it up, and I found an article (forgot where it was) and it said to rename the "After Effects 9.0 Prefs.txt to something else and see if the preferences or something was causing it to crash. Nope. I renamed it back to the original and nothing came back.So I lost my rendering preset...which I am not sure if that was part of the problem.


      So from that moment on, I choose Quicktime--> Animation codec and then as soon as I click, "Output To" it crashes, saying it cannot continue.


      So I have reinstalled it, experimented and even with my favorite MPEG2 codec it says I cannot do it due to the fact that the there is a mismatch between the Output Module and Transcode Settings. With even the NTSC 48kHz preset AE has it cannot get it due to a copressore or hardware issue. I have never have issues like this!


      Please help....I have no money to upgrade....just mowed lawns all summer to get CS4 a month before CS5 came out.


      My Computer:


      HP Pavilion:

      4gbs of RAMM

      320gb Hardrive with a 500gb external harddrive (where all raw is stored....could there be an issue there?)

      2.0 ghz (facepalm)



      Thankyou in advance...to whatever genius helps me with it. Any advice or help on anything will be much appreciated.


      Austen H.