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    Dynamic Link Workflow confusion


      I am trying to figure out the most efficient way to work with Premiere and After Effects. I am editing in Premiere but some of my clips have noise in them so I "replace with After Effects Compositon" and use degrain in After Effects. I am using dynamic link because after doing all sorts of editing in Premiere I want the option of going back and changing the degrain settings or removing it altogether later just in case.


      Now here's the problem. The clip needs to be rendered because the degrain process is slow. I don't want to have to render the degrain more than once since it is very time consuming. If I use "render workspace" in Premiere, the second I do anything to the clip it needs to be re-rendered including the original degrain. So I tried doing a "pre-render" of the composition in After Effects thinking that now Premiere will be linking to the rendered file unless I make any changes to the after effects composition. However, this doesn't seem to be the case. I still end up with long render times whenever I do anything to the clip in Premiere.


      Am I doing something wrong? Is this not how I should be working at all? Maybe it's better to render a degrained file and do a "clip replace" in Premiere?


      Any suggestions?