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    Require: number of checkboxes to specify number of subforms


      I am creating a Draft form for my organisation. I have very little experience in Adobe LiveCycle Designer and with scripting. I am using version 8.0.

      I am trying to get a section of this form to behaviour as such:

      There are 10checkboxes. when selected a subform that is hidden is required to 'appear'. The subforms for all checkboxes are the same, thus i want for the form to act in a manner that if any number of checkboxes (eg 4) are selected the subforms will apear in a two per row on the page manner. Thus using the example of four i will have a 2x2 arrangment on the page. I want the subform order not not matter, such that if any one of the checkboxes is selected the top left hand corner subform will appear.


      I understand this may not be clear, i have been spending a long period of time trying to find a solution to this, so any help would be fantastic.