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    Canon XF 100HD or Canon EOS 7D ?

    kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

      Good friends

      I had a JVC HDY U100 Camcorder and I used it to shoot some music videos , to make long story short, I sold it, I was not very happy with the quality of it, I used several ways and settings to shoot 5 mins songs , but I ended up not very satisfied  , I used HD30p (720p) and SD , but at the end I noticed my Sony PD170 did better than my JVC.

      Now I am planning to buy a new Camera, I thinking of buying the new Canon XF100 or Canon D7 (even though XF100 might not be out yet)

      All I am using this is for short music videos, obviously I will shoot HD for YT and etc, but eventually I have to convert it back to SD.

      The 2 models sounds good or you might have a suggestions .

      Any help or Ideas will be appreciated !