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    HD Codec questions in PrE 8.01

    sholmlund Level 1


      Again, thanks in advance for your collective wisdom. I de-installed PrE 8, upgraded from Vista Biz to Win7 Pro,and reinstalled PrE8 with patch to 8.01. For some reason, things seems to be working better on my Sony laptop (2GB RAM, 1.86GHz Core Duo with run of the mill disk drive and integrated graphics).


      I'm thinking of a SuperZoom camera for my business video needs primarily deliverying via the web. I think the Nikon P100 will do the trick as it captures both 720p and 1080p. Thankfully (and I really mean it), dpreview.com's SuperZoom camera review had native video files that can be downloaded for test editing. There's nothing like trying the real thing.


      I downloaded the 720p files for Canon SX20is and the 1080p files for the Nikon P100. From the review, I believe both cameras use H.264 codecs (and not mJPEG). All the files are .mov and I presume these are the native files though I don't have the camera yet to be absolutely sure.


      I imported them into PrE8.01 with the closest project settings I could find (i.e. HDV 720p and HD 1080i 30 respectively). In both cases, the cuts needed to be rendered in addition to the dissolves I used in my test project. I didn't expect the clips to play smoothly in PrE 8 but was happy enough with the test. It would be usable until I can get a new computer (well, I think).


      When I shared/rendered the 720p project, I selected the HD 720p 30 option under MPEG that generated a .mpg file that Win 7 Media Player (or whatever they call it) plays perfectly smoothly, with no real loss of quality (56MB of source clips rendered to a 45MB .mpg).


      In addition, my computer almost played the H.264 1920x1080i 30 rendered output file (.m2t extension) smoothly. It was very close. Quality is fantastic.


      My primary question: Is there a scenario/preset where I can edit these H.264 .mov files (720p will be good enough for me) and not have to render the straight cuts?


      I'm also wishing I had access to the codec list in PrE8 and more ability to customize the presets.


      I know I need faster hardware but given my promising test, I'm wondering if there are configuration options that would create a better editing environment for these files. I can live with jerky previews but hope to eliminate some of the rendering.


      With the SuperZoom cameras below $350 and the fact that they also can be used for still images, I like these options.


      Thanks again.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you are going to use those cameras for your video, you should consider upgrading to version 9. Version 8, like many of the previous versions of Premiere Elements, has a limited range, when it comes to working with source video.


          Version 9 greatly expands the file formats supported, and includes support for many still cameras shooting video. These are mostly higher end cams, like the Canon EOS series, but they may also work with yours. Best of all, if it does work with those cams, it will edit them natively -- without the need to constantly render as you work.


          I recommend you download the v.9 trial and give it a test drive.


          Your biggest challenge may be that your computer is a bit underpowered for working with H.264 video. But it's worth a try.


          And you're only likely to find frustration trying to edit that video in version 8.

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            sholmlund Level 1

            Thanks, Steve. That's what I needed to know. I'll give version 9 a try.



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              sholmlund Level 1


              PrE9 works with the three SuperZoom models' clips I downloaded from the dpreview.com website. When you drop a clip into the timeline, you get a message offering  to change the project settings to the recommended one, which is nice.


              Looks like the cuts do not need to be rendered.

              Thanks again.


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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Great news, Steve! Happy moviemaking!