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    Sony NEX Dithered Pattern Noise Issue

    TariqGibran Level 1

      I was processing some files today and noticed the below dithered / weave pattern in an area of my image.  I processed the same file in Sony's Image Data Converter and the issue is not there so it definitely is a problem unique to Adobe's raw converter.  Seems to show up only in this very smooth transitional tonal area, nowhere else in the file.  It was just noticeable enough at 50% view to get my attention in the first place.  The below linked example is magnified 200% with the ACR on the left and Sony IDC on the right. Seems to be rare as this is the first instance I have encountered this.  This explanation was given to me in another forum by a non-adobe member:


      "There's a parameter in the ACR/LR DNG camera profiles called "BayerGreenSplit", which tells the interpolation engine to expect a small deviation between the two green channels, and don't build "grid-patterns" as the ones you see here.  For some reason I cannot fathom, they decreased/zeroed that parameter for several Sony cameras in the latest 6.2/3.2 release. You can set the parameter between 0-5000. that's an arbitrary value, I don't know what it actually means from a scientific PoV - except that "0" is no difference and "5000" a very large difference."


      Is this the cause and will this bug be addressed in the next release of ACR and Lightroom? The file is not underexposed and/or extremely manipulated.


      Full size version is here, cut and paste into browser to see entire image as it appears at 200 percent: http://www.gibranstudio.com/adobenex.jpg


      Below embedded version is what image crop looks like at 100 percent on screen once clicked: