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    Keep bytesize of compiled swf always the same

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      Currently we have several large hefty Flex game projects in production but something has always been a bit of a pain: Flex always compiles swf's with slightly different bytesizes, even if the source or libraries haven't changed whatsoever. I found only 1 person on the internet describing the same problem: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/843494/why-does-the-flex-compiler-generate-varying-file -sizes-on-successive-compilations


      This behaviour means that when deploying to a webserver all our players have to redownload all files again which is very undesirable ofcourse.


      I tried setting the date to a fixed value (date is the only thing that is different between compiles) using the -date "Dec 16, 2005" commandline option but it still gives me different bytesizes.


      The only option that seems to remain to solve this problem is to somehow store compiled swf's in our SVN to prevent recompilation from creating different swf's everytime.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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          pauland Level 4

          I really don't see why this is a problem. Most developers will alter code/do development  and then move the developed version to a test area and when testing is complete the test software moves to a live area which is then deployed. There are all kinds of variations on this theme with version control involved too.


          Basically, you shouldn't be developing/testing using the same swf location as that used by your users. Then you can decide when the user gets an updated version.




          [storing compiled swfs in SVN, or at least keeping track of releases - good idea]