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    Prevent pdfmaker.xla being installed


      We use MS Office 2003.  When Adobe Reader is installed an Excel add-in called pdfmaker.xla is installed into the XLSTART folder which then causes an error message to appear when Excel is started, "Compile error in hidden module: AutoExecNew", and then "Compile error in hidden module: DistMon" when Excel is closed.  I know how to delete the pdfmaker.xla file from the XLSTART folders but what I want to do is stop it getting put in there in the first place; the main reason being that some of our PCs/laptops are used by multiple users and each time a new user logs on they get this error and have to contact technical support to get it fixed.

      This problem has been around for years, with every version of Adobe Reader (we're currently installing 9.3.3).  What I don't understand is why a reader should install a pdf maker; it doesn't make sense as a reader should only be reading, not creating.  Is there any way to stop pdfmaker.xla being installed into each users profile ?

      I have searched the entire hard drive for all occurrences and deleted them and also searched the registry and cannot locate where it is being installed from when the profile is created.