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    Album Starter Edition Deleted my photos.



      Recently my mother asked me to investigate the disappearance of images on her computer. I start up her Adobe Album Starter edition and notice that the symbol for missing link is displayed on every picture. I mean every picture, from multiple albums. So, I browse for these photos myself and am unable to find them in her documents folder. I run a search for these pictures on her hard drive but am still unable to locate them. So I ask my mother when it was she discovered this issue. She said that it started when she emailed some pictures to her friend (a process she has completed successfully many times). She says she dragged the images from the Adobe program window onto her desktop and then to her outlook express. She then said that after she did this all the images from all her albums went missing. The recycling bin has not been emptied since before this issue occured but the images are not in there. I find it hard to believe that she mistakenly went through her documents/my pictures/Adobe folder and shift+deleted her album folders. If you can come up with any other explanation than this program being responsible for the deletion of her images then it would be much appreciated.



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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          Hi Dog1,


          the information supplied doesn't seem to add up, so I'll toss out a few thoughts:


          1. Files were moved
            • the fact that they appear as disconnected suggests that changes  happened to the images outside the program, because files deleted  through Starter Edition would not appear at all
            • When you drag and drop files from starter edition to a desktop or  other location, that is not a move command, but rather a copy; the files  should not have been moved, or deleted, based on what you mother  reported was the last thing she recalled about the files
            • It's possible that the files were disconnected before she noticed  the red icon, so see if she can think back a bit further; did she  reorganize her Pictures folder?
            • Things to do:
              • Go into Starter Edition prefs and look at where the card reader  prefs are copying files; does that directory still exist, and are the  files there?
              • Maybe your search utility is NOT looking in a folder which is indexed ? Given she talked about moving files into an email,  maybe look where your email messages are; maybe in the outbox, and you  might find copies of the images in there? Make sure your search utility is looking at ALL locations,  including all user accounts for the system...everywhere
          2. Files were actually deleted.
            • Deleted files (when done in Starter Edition) are moved to the recycle bin, not directly deleted unless there is not enough room on the hard drive to store deleted items; then they would be directly deleted, and you wouldn't find them in the recycle bin.
            • Could have been deleted by a cleanup wizard
            • Could have been done by mom, but she's not recalling it
            • The fact that you could not find the files by their name seems to suggest that they are not on the drive
            • Things to do:
              • could they be on another drive?
              • If all else fails, try an undelete utility and see if some of the  files can be seen; if so, they you'd know they were actually deleted


          Hope you're able to find the files lurking somewhere. Let us know if you have any new info.



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            Dog1IsOpen Level 1

            Thank you for such a thorough reply. It seems the only option I have is to try a recovery program as nothing else seems to make sense. The computer is quite old and slow, is it possible that the hard disk is partly corrupted resulting in the deletion of the images or would there be more evidence of corruption?

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              Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

              If you run a utility like Fdisk, I think there is a way to see how many sectors have been mapped out due to corruption (the system is able to detect and attempt to repair bad sectors by moving data around to healthy blocks, but eventually healthy blocks run out), then you might see random hanging of apps or the system.


              There are free versions of recovery software online that seem to do well; hopefully that will help you recover some files.