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    Norton remove an AIR application

    ilsh Level 1

      Our product Peaya Paper is based on AIR 2. One of our users recently updated Peaya Paper but his Norton removed it automatically due to "The program was behaiving suspicously on  your computer". In this update we only added the 'trash' function and enhanced drag-n-drop function, which we don't think is 'suspicious'. We wonder if AIR team has some thoughts on this.


      Here is our user's comment:

      > However, today, when loading it, it  offered an update to ( I accepted it, and after finishing the  installation, Synmantec's Norton File Insight says it found a security  risk on peaya paper.exe. "The program was behaiving suspicously on  your computer", it says, and automatically removed it from c:\program  files (x86)\peaya paper\peaya paper.exe, along with its shortcuts and  the onenote 2010 clipper (?!!). Any comments?