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    flash builder burrito as eclipse plug-in


      is there such a release planned during the beta period?

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          C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

          Yes - the current Burrito Preview will also work as an eclipse plug-in with your own copy of Helios.


          Unlike previous FB releases, where there were separate downloads for Standalone versus Plug-in, Burrito uses a consolidated installer that always includes a bundled copy of the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers. By default, Burrito runs on top of this bundled copy of Helios.


          After installing Burrito, you'll find a Utilities folder alongside the Flash Builder app that includes a Plug-in Utility you can use to link Burrito with your own copy of eclipse 3.6. Currently, Burrito requires 32-bit Helios, and 32-bit Cocoa Helios on OS X.



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            can I then remove the bundled eclipse installation? Or do I have to live with two eclipse installations on my hd? This is not a great solution, hd space matters now that we have smallish ssd drives.

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              C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

              Sorry, but deleting the bundled copy of eclipse will cause problems.


              Regarding disk space, we've bundled the smallest available Helios package (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers), so that folder takes less than 300 MB on OS X, and only 254 MB on Win.


              FB is also guaranteed to work with the bundled copy of eclipse, and that's not always the case with an external copy of eclipse, depending on what distro/version you have, and what other 3rd party plugins you have installed.



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                Hmm I just can't get this to work with Zend Studio 8 which is based on Helios.


                I've got an update for my Zend Studio 7.2 to 8 today which I installed without thinking about the FB-Plugin. Everything worked fine except FB (it disappeared completely) which is why I installed Burrito and the Eclipse Plugin using the Plugin-Utility but well even if the installation worked fine it just isn't available in my Zend Studio 8.


                I tried a fresh installation and a manual addition via Help -> Install new Software -> "Local", but it results in the same issue.



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                  C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

                  Hi Michael,


                  We're working closely with Zend to make sure Burrito will be highly compatible with Studio 8 for the final release, but in the meantime there will probably be hiccups.


                  You should avoid using Help -> Install New Software for plugging Burrito into Zend, as that's apt to collide with the link.


                  A few things to try, if you haven't already:

                  - unlink Burrito from Zend using the Plug-in Utility uninstaller

                  - launch Zend with -clean to clear the cache, create a new default workspace, and then quit

                  - re-link Burrito by running the Utility installer again.


                  If you still don't see FB active, look for any workspace logs that might offer clues to the conflict.



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                    Cyberlnk Level 1

                    Hi Chris,

                    thanks for your answer.



                    The steps above didn't helped resolving the issue but I'm pretty sure it's a Zend-related issue regarding the dropins folder.



                    I'm going to switch into the following thread for further analysis and discussion as someone else now has the same issue and it doesn't make sense having two threads open


                    => http://forums.adobe.com/thread/747394?tstart=0



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                      C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

                      Thanks Michael, and thanks too for posting that link to the associated issue on the Zend forum:




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                        Just want to 2nd Michael's request on Zend Studio compatibility with Helios.


                        As far as I can see, that is going to be THE development platform,


                        - Flash Builder Burrito ("Hero" framework)

                        - Zend Studio running under Helios (will 64-bit be in final release, some of us really would love to use the power of our 8-core Xeon's)

                        - AIR for Android Plug-in installed

                        - BlackBerry PlayBook SDK installed


                        I'm also thinking about work-flowing with great Graphic Designers using Panini and getting a project from them and doing the serious coding in Burrito.


                        All of this is making me hungry!



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                          C. Agruss (Adobe) Level 3

                          I heard back from our Zend Studio liaison today that Zend has confirmed this is a bug in ZS 8, with the dropins folder not enabled. Also heard that they intend to fix it in an upcoming bug fix release, but we don't know yet when that will be released.


                          Haven't heard any new though about how soon FB will support 64-bit eclipse - that's still under discussion.