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    Print Size is not the same as what I see in my project in Flash CS5


      Alright, I'm doing a project for Biology 11 and I need to create a flipbook for the stages of a Lysogenic Infection.. This is what my front page is going to look like.. [img]http://gyazo.com/5c6257e742826002fcfea66b3efc5813.png[/img] But, whenever I print the document it doesn't come out in the size that I have it set as, it just comes out almost covering up my whole white piece of paper.. and I need it flipbook sized. I have the width set at 3.99 inches and the height at 3.4 inches.. I want it to be flipbook size, so when I print it out, it's just a tiny portion of the white piece of paper that contains my drawings and stuff.. any idea what I should do? I want it to match the exact size of the white that I have in Flash CS5.